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Ed Riche

Ed Riche

Boise, ID USA


The landscape photography of Ed Riche are the end result of years of dedication and commitment to the primal world coupled with a lifelong, first hand knowledge of his subject - the outdoor west. Inspired by the creative forces of light and shadow. Ed Riche's mission is to spread the love and beauty for nature and the landscape through his photography.

Mentored by the artistry of Eliot Porter, Galen Rowell and David Muench. Ed Riche's thirty year career has been dedicated to achieving artistic expression through the lens of still cameras. He has pursued his goals primarily through his in-depth assignments. At the same time, he has maintained a career as an artist and workshop instructor.

The balance of Ed Riche's photography comes from close contact with nature and the landscape. To emphasize his commitment to what actually exists, he has chosen to work in color.
He explores ways in which natural history can be recorded, with images shaped by light, shadow, form and texture in an untouched environment. In addition, he has maintained a personal library of National Park pictorials.

Ed Riche's clients include Official Idaho State Travel Guide, Via Magazine, National Geographic Society, National Geographic Traveler, National Geographic Kids, J Crist Gallery, The Morrison Center for the Performing Arts, Colliers International, Northwest Travel Magazine, Oregon Coast Magazine, United Airlines, Arizona Office of Tourism, Utah Department of Tourism, Hewlett Packard, Wells Fargo Bank, American Red Cross, Moses Anshell Advertising, Glacier Country Travel Guide, Brown Trout Publishers, Wendt Kochman Advertising, Impact Photo-Graphics.

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Web and print licensing is available. For licensing or publishing inquiries, contact me at edrichephotography@yahoo.com

2015 Ed Riche. All Rights Reserved. No image contained herein may be copied, published, reproduced in any fashion, or used on the internet and web production, without the expressed written permission of Ed Riche.

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Jordan Creek South Mountain Beauty by Ed Riche


Dance With The Blue Columbine by Ed Riche


Manly Beacon Red Cathedral Zabriskie Point Sunrise by Ed Riche


On The Way To Sunday Services Red Cathedral In Death Valley National Park by Ed Riche


Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains Lathe Arch by Ed Riche


Shaking Buffalo Yellowstone River by Ed Riche


Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes Stovepipe Wells Death Valley by Ed Riche


Artists Palette Death Valley National Park by Ed Riche


Artists Palette by Ed Riche


Badwater Flats by Ed Riche


Badwater Telescope Peak Extremes by Ed Riche


Zabriskie Point Sunrise Death Valley by Ed Riche


Ubehebe Crater Twilight Death Valley National Park by Ed Riche


Racetrack Sailing Rocks Death Valley National Park by Ed Riche


The Winner Death Valley Moving Rock by Ed Riche


Sailing Rocks of Death Valley by Ed Riche


Owyhee River Reflection Desert Light by Ed Riche


Desert Wildflowers Grand Arch by Ed Riche


Grand Arch of Leslie Gulch by Ed Riche


Passing Storm Crater Lake Wizard Island by Ed Riche


Columbia River Beauty by Ed Riche


John Day Painted Hills Oregon by Ed Riche


Ghosts Of The Outhouse Rocky Mountains by Ed Riche


Greetings To My Friends by Ed Riche


Sawtooth Morning Twilight by Ed Riche


Blue Ribbon Trout Stream Silver Creek Preserve Idaho by Ed Riche


Autumn Beauty on the Big Wood River Idaho by Ed Riche


Pettit Lake Reflection by Ed Riche


Wild and Scenic Idaho Swan Valley by Ed Riche


River of No Return Salmon River by Ed Riche


North Face of Jughandle Mountain by Ed Riche


Saint Mary Lake Glacier International Peace Park by Ed Riche


Logan Pass Glacier International Peace Park by Ed Riche


Mission Mountains Ninepipe National Refuge by Ed Riche


Dreampeace Blue Bay Montana by Ed Riche


Celebration Park by Ed Riche


Canopied October Beauty by Ed Riche


Bald Eagle Eyes For The Catch Of The Day by Ed Riche


American Robin Chicks by Ed Riche


Fiona The Tuxedo Cat by Ed Riche


October Beauty Along Grimes Creek by Ed Riche


Autumn Beauty In Boise County by Ed Riche


Autumn Leaves of Red and Gold by Ed Riche


Signal Mountain Autumn Grand Teton National Park by Ed Riche


Autumn Yellowstone Aspens by Ed Riche


Stanley Lake Sawtooth Mountains by Ed Riche


Showy Penstemon Wildflowers Sawtooth Mountains by Ed Riche


Santa Rita Mountains Arizona by Ed Riche